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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

Ajita Madan Volunteering story at Expedition Africa 2018
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Volunteering Story at Expedition Africa - 2018


My Hubby: You should go for Expedition Africa. You should not miss the opportunity.

Me: Me!! Africa? You Mean Expedition Africa?? (ExpAfrica wooowie Excited and jumping inside) but why me No No I am not going, I just came back from Expedition India. Winking again and again! And finally,

ü  Tickets Check

ü  Passport Check

ü  Visa Check

ü  Letters from Kinetic Events Check

ü  GO Noise – Check

ü  All other stuff Check

All Set. Here I come Expedition Africa, Namaqua West Coast 2018



560 Kms Race

52 Teams

Participants from 22 Countries

Volunteers from different countries

Amazing Sponsors - Beautiful Namaqua west coast

Loads of logistics

Just WoooooooW..


This unique opportunity was once in a great experience so I was doing my homework on ExpAfrica more & more on Adventure Racing, to my account the questions I get is do people really race for 560+ kms? Do they really complete it? Expedition Africa gave all the answers to me – Just Amazing these athletes are.


For most of the people back home adventure racing is a new thing hence it’s my responsibility to share more about the beauty of Adventure Racing and Expedition Africa through my journey of volunteering (international). I am glad I choose ExpAfrica and this beautiful and amazing journey is never going to end now.


First thing is Heidi & Stephan Muller, Expedition Africa and Kinetic Events Proud Owners who ensured that I get an amazing experience at Expedition Africa from Day one, especially for a volunteer who came all the way from India, it wasn’t an easy call. These amazingly passionate couple is filled with so much of energy, positive attitude and LOVE. From email communication till I actually landed in Johannesburg, they made sure I am safe & comfortable, also I am aware of what I have signed up for, what I need to do, where I am going to stay everything was beautifully planned, all these plans not only for me but for everyone who is part of the race. You just reach there, rest everything will be well taken care. To add more value to it, there were other amazing volunteers from different countries and across South Africa just to be part of this amazing journey.