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For the Love and development of Adventure Racing. Expedition Africa established in 2006 and has organised over 150 adventure races in Africa and Internationally. This blog is about our story over the years and our personal views.

Christmas time is all about love
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Christmas time = #itsallaboutlove

Nothing can beat the feeling of Christmas time! Its holiday, its summer sunshine, time for some sleep, time for some exercise, time to have fun, be crazy and just play with our children all the time… the key word is: TIME

For the first time ever we have decided this year to stay at our “Beach House” at the Vaaldam, which is around 1.5 hours from Johannesburg. Most probably the best decision we made as it forced us to relax and I mean really to relax. We travel so much during the year, weekends of route scouting, weekends of events, weekends of fashion shows and it just never stops. Here it’s like we were giving some extra time to recharge our batteries…

I get myself feeling that I don’t want to open the laptop yet, like I am running away from all the things I must still do. Maybe I know what lies ahead and just want to give myself some “time out”

For now I just try to enjoy every day with my children and treasure the “in Love” time with them. I still look at them and can’t believe that they are so big already and what happened to the time. I just want to keep them small and with me…  Our big boy, Werner’s birthday is on Christmas day. Never did I think that I will have a Christmas baby but that just shows that when you don’t interfere with life it will go its own way and thus God has decided to show mommy that He is in Control.

5 years ago we received our first born baby on this magical day. It did not come easy as I was 26 hours in Labour but it was one of my most empowering days in my Life!! I loved it to be pregnant and the whole experience is just one of the most wonderful gifts of life! I can highly recommend that for those out there thinking about it, but that is another conversation for another day.

As we have a Birthday on Christmas day we have the tradition to open Presents on Christmas Eve.  I was dreaming of having a Christmas Eve “beach setting”, unfortunately the weather did not play along and we had to move the dinner inside. We had our big daughter Shauni and her fiancé, Gideon with his mom Lydia and Allan over. Allan as a part time entertainer is one of those people you always want in your team because he can make any occasion more fun as he dressed up as a Santa.  You can just imagine the excitement and fun it was for Werner, Isabella and Blondi upon opening the presents. Nothing in the world can beat those little faces of anticipation as each gift get handed out!! This is my mommy “in Love” moments.

Thank you to all our visitors during this holiday. It makes me so happy if you can enjoy summer fun with us. We swam mostly in the warm water of the dam, got a good tan, and spent lots of time on the boat, a bit of water skiing, paddling, eating (too much), sleeping and a bit of exercise per day. We even got a Wedding Scouting day in and found the most special “Farm Style” Wedding venue for our big girl, Shauni. 2016 is going to be a big year with big events and the closing of it will be our Princess Wedding day scheduled for 10 December 2016.

Happy Holidays as they say to all of you!

Keep up the training for our Expedition Africa! I can just imagine how difficult this must be for our European teams…thinking that we have hot sunshine days versus Cold, snowy conditions... all I know that i prefer the heat and will never survive with those long cold winters. We can only be thankful. 

Always remember that #itsallaboutlove and this is a special time to be Thankful for the life we have!! See below some of my "mommy in love" photo's

PS - don't you just love this family Christmas photo above? it was hilarious as we tried to get Isabella and Werner smiling and with endless bribes we only got them to look at the camera ...see Werner face, i cant stop looking at it and just smile!!


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