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For the Love and development of Adventure Racing. Expedition Africa established in 2006 and has organised over 150 adventure races in Africa and Internationally. This blog is about our story over the years and our personal views.

Expedition Africa: Rodrigues | Bella's Banter | 2 September 2019
3 Sep 2019.jpg

Monday September 2

Expedition Africa Rodrigues, 2019

It was all about island hopping today, to see what the teams were up to as they adventured around Hermitage Island and Cat’s Island, a mix of paddling, (and getting beached along the way), swimming and trekking.

The teams were carrying quite the kit; wetsuits, life jackets, flippers, snorkels and masks. And lots of snacks, because it was a big day out there.

The smiles are still very skyward, it seems the excitement of actually exploring this island is far from wearing off.

Clive O’Sullivan, the Irishman from Truffle Hunters was even keeping big optimism about his very raw looking feet at the end of a big stint on the water.

“I’ve got two options. They either will cause a problem, or they won’t.”

One particular athlete was too preoccupied with love to think about looming potential crippling injuries. And that was Fritz Van Eeden, (Team Splash, Dash and Flash) who proposed to his team mate and now fiancée Lynette Hechter – on Hermitage Island! What a star. Taking #itsallaboutlove to its greatness.

The water did throw a few curve balls, and it was one epic scene of team work to see up to three or four teams grafting together on Mourouk Beach to heave the heavy sailing boats back into the water from up on the dry sand. I’m sure some would rather have been sleeping while the tide made its way closer, but most were digging race mode.

It was by good chance that a few of the camera crew and I happened to see this team work, thanks to the mistranslation between the Rodriguan skipper and I. He asked what time we’d like him to return, (remember this was 9.30am when we reached Hermitage Island) and I said (thought I said) ‘in an hour.’ It turns out I said ‘At one o’clock.’ Oops. A good excuse to give the Kiwi some grief. An SOS to Heidi and our first island retreat of the day was not too much longer than we’d planned. We weren’t comparing anyway. I mean, HELLO, we’re on a tropical island y’all.

And on the way out on our second trip to the islands, we saw a pod of dolphins. And less stranded paddling teams this time thanks to the kinder tide.

Near the end of the day the wind picked up and the sky darkened a little. Teams would be kept busy hiking, biking, paddling, swimming, (or some may choose to wait for daybreak for this) and caving though the night.

What a day! Feeling rather washed out (no pun intended) and I haven’t even been racing! Well not bib-style anyway.


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