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For the Love and development of Adventure Racing. Expedition Africa established in 2006 and has organised over 150 adventure races in Africa and Internationally. This blog is about our story over the years and our personal views.

Expedition Africa: Rodrigues | Bella's Banter | 27 Aug 2019
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When the Chief Executive Officer of Rodrigues carries out a small demonstration of the Séga tambour, (the Island’s traditions dance) at a press conference today, it becomes fairly obvious that this is one great destination for an adventure race.

Rodrigues has the third-largest lagoon in the world, by the way. 

This week, more than 27 nationalities will burst through its border; teams hauling bikes, paddles, hefty kit bags, medical gear, sailing gear, ropes and more. Cultural differences are wide, as are personal and team goals come race time. But the excitement, anticipation and wonder for this small island, just a skip and a hop from Mauritius, is in unity. 

I’m Kiwi Bella, and will be scribing a few bits n’ pieces each day, to provide a glimpse of Expedition Africa 2019, Rodrigues. My words won’t be sugar coated, nor will they be filtered. They’ll be here and now, with the intended purpose each day to give you an insight into one or two wee nuggets of adventuring fun, however it unfolds.

So, a solid number of us arrived last night, close to midnight local time.

Live song and dance featured as we walked into the late night warm air. Most had double the amount of luggage Air Mauritius usually allows, who also chartered a stack of extra flights to get everyone here this week. Pulling out all the stops they are.

Those of us staying at ‘Harry’s House’ agreed the van ride to our humble abode took longer than expected – the island is not tiny tiny! But given its about 17km long means it’s not overly massive.  

The streets are significantly noisy by 6am – trucks, buses with grown ups and school kids, people of all ages and sizes on scooters and it’s not uncommon to be sipping a can or texting your mate or puffing a cigarette while en route. 

Upon my return from my morning run, gracing the 392m Grande Montagne, one man was super polite, with a wave and a ‘Bonjour’ as he whizzed by on his scooter. Although I couldn’t hear him, I could lip read enough.

The people of Rodrigues just love their home and it’s just so obvious. Really. Island life, and this is how they roll. A grandfather strolling down the road hand in hand with his grand daughter, carrying a cardboard box of young chicks. Francois with his sweet stall, his wife and grand daughter by his side. The genuine smile and twinkling eye greetings.

Lines of saucissons hanging from high verandas, bakeries bursting with goodies.

No eggs at the supermarket today, but at the corner shop nearby you can buy your stash and they’ll be put in a paper bag, so be careful with these. 

So here’s to Rodrigues and its people. We’re so thrilled to have this massive expedition adventure taking place on your turf and in your waters. And it looks like you’re pretty chuffed to have us here too.




Kiwi Bella


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