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For the Love and development of Adventure Racing. Expedition Africa established in 2006 and has organised over 150 adventure races in Africa and Internationally. This blog is about our story over the years and our personal views.

Expedition Africa: Rodrigues | Bella's Banter | 29 Aug 2019
29 Aug 2019.jpg

29th August, 2019

Expedition Africa, Rodrigues.

The older the male tortoise get, the more sex he likes, and has.

What a great incentive for living for a long time.

Speaking of endurance, a few of the media crew had a small mind break from the world of adventure racing today, and had the treat of visiting the 20 hectare nature reserve, the home of the Francois Leguat Giant Tortoises Park and Cave Reserve.

In a nutshell, there used to be many many tortoises on Rodrigues and Mauritius, but through hunting and what not, there were then hardly any. So this legend of a man called Owen Griffiths, a zoologist, dreamed of recreating the fauna and flora as it was when the first settlers arrived in Rodrigues around the 1500’s. This was the Portuguese, in particular no less than Don Diégo Rodriguez, a Portuguese navigator.

Radiated tortioises, (one of the most beautiful tortoises in the world) and Aldabra tortoises, (the last surviving giant tortoise that once inhibited the Indian Ocean) feature at the Park, which opened in August 2007, named after Francois Legaut, an 18th century Huguenot settler.

Oh, and tortoises have inhabited the planet for 200 million years. They certainly would have had dinosaur friends.

We explored the awesome lime stone caves too; you’ll learn more about these soon.

Earlier in the day we had lekker fun throwing ourselves off a swing bridge and land via rope swings and abseils. Again, you’ll learn more soon.

With three flights a day loaded with teams and supporters touching down here, the place is certainly buzzing. Pizzas are flying out the doors of local restaurants at a rate of knots, as are island delicacies like octopus. Beers aren’t sticking on shop shelves for too long either.

Back in the outdoors and with Expedition Africa in mind, snorkeling and island exploring were popular choices of hang out time for teams today, and some even got into a bit of kite surfing.  

The luggage side of things has admittedly been a bit of a scramble; athletes bringing in more than the usual allocation on the plane means a non absolute-guarantee of all gear arriving with them on their flight. But alas, in true island style, it all gets here in the end.

One thing that will be an absolute guarantee is the many roving dogs beginning their morning barking ritual at 5am, followed soon after by the scooters and diesel throbbing buses.

Island life, we’re just getting started.


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