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For the Love and development of Adventure Racing. Expedition Africa established in 2006 and has organised over 150 adventure races in Africa and Internationally. This blog is about our story over the years and our personal views.

Expedition Africa: Rodrigues | Make a wish...
Day 2 - Bruce Viaene.jpg

Over 24 hours of Expedition Africa: Rodrigues racing, and the tide has proven to be the only time keeper thus far. Leading team; Greener Adventure seem to have received Posedion's blessing, reaching each paddle leg whilst high tide remains effective. According to Transition 6 check-in times, Greener Adventure (14) have 1h25m lead on Keyhealth Nevarest (16)  who maintain the same lead on team Merrell (60).

The majority of the field were left high and dry, with the tide waiting for no one. Front running teams struggled to move their 800kg boats off the volcanic coral and rock surrounding Heritage Island, as the tide sucked out. An incredible spectacle for supporters and media, was the strength in numbers displayed by Merrell Missiles (1), Nyamzela(19) and Sweaty Bettys's (13) as they collectively pushed each of their boats from the shore, into the shallows of the Indian Ocean to begin their paddle to T3. "We are South Africans and we work together!" expressed Roland Pearce of the Merrell Missiles, and three teams surrounded the first 6m long boat.

Chafe, daylight-napping and blistering wet feet are all contributing challenges that athletes have faced within this 350km course. In previous expedition races, leading teams would have completed the same distance raced thus far, within 12 hours. However, due to the diverse terrain and tidal calculations, a strategic approach for each leg is required throughout the race, in order to gain a worthy lead.

Racing from island to island will be a memorable moment for many, experiencing the dynamic beauty that each island boasts within the azure lagoon. From the tiny mullet exploding out of the waters, to Elephant tusk thorns being surgically removed, to marriage proposals, to birthday's;  today has certainly been filled with excitement.   Fritz van Eden of team Splash, Flash and Dash (18);  requested his team mate; Lynette Hetcher's hand in marriage on Heritage island earlier today. "It is such an honour and beautiful thing to know that Fritz chose that moment of proposing to the woman he loves, on one of the tiny islands that surrounds us. It just shows what it's actually all about" shares a giddy Heidi Muller.

Martin Dreyer, unfortunately faced an not-so-jovial experience today, when undergoing surgery to retrieve the fairy large thorn wedged into his chin. The thorn had split into three, resulting in the necessary micro operation. Team Crusader Logistics (23) accepted the time penalty for the receipt of medical attention during the race, and continued as a complete team, once Dreyer was discharged.

As the ocean fills the surrounding lagoon, and an unpolluted darkness blankets the night sky, dot watchers and supporters from all over the globe await in anticipation of what could possibly unfold, separating the pack of 60 teams into noticeable clusters on the live tracking site.

Live Tracking:

Photos: Bruce Viaene // Bruce Viaene Photography

Press Release: Trystan Viaene // Hype PR

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