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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

Full Moon Adventure Oct 2015 Hartebeespoort dam
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We returned a day earlier from our Scouting week in the Garden Route as this event was not finalized and we were under pressure.  After so many years of organizing these races you became particular about how you want your events to look and feel. We can sit for hours and discuss each leg of the event, the logistics, the start set-up, the program, the bike boards, race book, passport, where the photographer can get close to the racers to get photo's and the list go on and on... it never stops and most of the time it feels to me like the 1 event is just running into the next and I cant find the brakes..

So we had a hectic week to finalize all the details and as we get closer to Thursday (our departure day to go and set-up) we realize that our Truck which is responsible to transport our race kayaks is not going to be fixed in time. As the Technician is promising us that it will work and as he is fixing this problem the next one pops up. Luckily for us this event is only 1 hour drive from JHB.  As many of our teams arrive early Friday night and enjoying a social braai around the Boma we travel back and forth from JHB with our 2 cars and trailers to get all the boats to the Registration venue. Keep in mind that we still need to get the boats to the boat put-in and from the take out back to the Registration venue and back to our office in JHB. 

All I can say is that is what makes my heart tick!!! fun and games as its never easy!! 

As always we have amazing friends and people who is supporting us out of Love!!! and they volunteer to manage our transitions while myself and Stephan manage the logistics between the transitions. 

Let me put a bit more power to the word they "volunteer" meaning they out of free will and no payment come to help us through the night with our event. They stay awake for the whole night assisting teams in and out of transitions, making teams coffee and listen to all their stories, they cheer, they take photo's, they update the leader-board, update Facebook posts, make coffee, serve teams with hot-dogs and give them love as they pass over the finishing line. They put on smiles as they can hardly keep their eyes open and then we all start giggling in the morning hours about silly things as we wait for the next team to finish! How can words as Thankful be enough? a hug? a kiss? a t-shirt? I will never have enough things to give but I can only give me love to all of you who is walking this "life of adventure" with us... 

Congratulations to all the teams who finished this event. It was SO SO SO hot and you all pushed through as we had very few pull-outs! When you have a moment you can go to our Kinetic Events Africa Facebook page and look at the Full Moon Harties folder to see more photo's of this race.

Last note: How I got the car and trailer home on the Sunday afternoon after we packed up, collected Control points, visited some Farmers to go and say Thank you that we could travel over their properties... is an absolute miracle and I will NOT do that again!!! Either I have to get someone else as a Driver or I will have to stay at the venue and sleep for a few hours as its the most irresponsible thing to do!! but we wanted to get home to our Children...

Worth the mention of the cover photo: these guys raced through the night and arrived around 8am the next morning at the finish (thus the reason for my glamorous look) they were all smiles and had many war stories as this was for most of them the first time ever doing something grazy as this.. But as I said to them remember #itsallaboutlove they gave me this "heart" for the photo and had me close to tears. It was yet another special moment making it all worth it!!

Until the next one... see below a few more photo's of the event!


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