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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

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Same husband, same venue, same dress…

The Oakfield Bridal Wedding expo brings back so many memories. Memories of years where I was the model walking on the stage to my own Wedding day.

After so many years of being involved with this event I still admire the beautiful stalls, the dresses, the décor and the amazing things they have to offer these days when you get married.

The Oakfield wedding venue is just beautiful, charming and romantic. The gardens and flowers make you think that you can be one of those brides you see in the wedding brochures. You will forget for the day that you are actually in Johannesburg, and not somewhere in the European country side running over the green pastures. I feel at home here. I feel love here.

But this year’s expo won’t just be memorable for the beautiful weekend but that my little princess, Isabella had the opportunity to walk with other little friends on the stage as a model. I had mixed feelings about this as you never know what children is going to do on stage. She can either run down, or get “stage fright” or worse scenario start to cry… as I am calling the show Front stage I had to leave her backstage and I said she must just walk with any other little girl as long as they take her hand and off I went..

Must admit my heart had emotions of overflowing love, and I was just staring at this little person and cannot believe that its my baby walking on the stage… needless to say she is telling everyone on a daily basis she is doing fashion shows…as it’s a “sport”

I was 23 or 24 years old when I put on my first wedding dress and walked on this stage. It was the start of a few years of wedding shows after wedding shows. I was fortunate to try on every sort of wedding dress, style, and colour from so many different designers. The day when it was my turn for my real wedding dress, it just didn’t really matter. I loved so many different dresses and felt like a princess in mostly all of them. The day when designer, Simon Rademan, said to me to come for a fitting and just see what works, I just went with the flow. He went the extra mile and even offered to make my “Husband to be” a longer Jacket with a cravat. It was the middle of the winter but I was floating down the aisle with a summers dress, “princess style”, head in the clouds, as happy and in Love as it should be.

I am so fortunate that I can sit here tonight after 15 years and wish that I could do that day again. Just the way it was. I wouldn’t want to change a thing. Most importantly, still staring into my husband’s blue eyes and saying “I do”.

#itsallaboutlove was only formed in my heart a few years ago, as I increasingly felt that this is the way I want to start my day and that must be the way I finish my day ,then I will be living my Calling. It shouldn’t be for money, fame, recognition or anything else, life should be about touching every person with love and the rest will sort itself out.

I love being part of the Bridal Expo’s Fashion shows, not on the stage anymore, but behind the scenes organising it. I believe in love and love all things beautiful. I love all my models who became my friends over the years. All of us have a story to tell and share something together. We became princesses for that moment we on the stage, and it’s our job to make each dress look like “the one” for at least 1 person in the audience.

Great things to look forward to, as my big girl, Shauni, is getting married in December this year and this will surely make for a few more stories to write as we walk with our princess to her own “head in the clouds” day.

Another weekend and off to another Bridal Expo’s – Expo4Brides in Pretoria

Sadly without my children and as we don’t have any “brides maids” dresses, Isabella can’t do her Fashion shows this weekend.

Always remember #itsallaboutlove

See below a few photo's of the Show and my most beautiful Wedding day..






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