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For the Love and development of Adventure Racing. Expedition Africa established in 2006 and has organised over 150 adventure races in Africa and Internationally. This blog is about our story over the years and our personal views.

Thailand “Always my Favourite”
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 Life just seems to have run away with me last year. I just could not get away for a few moments to update the blog and as a result I am a few “chapters” behind.

We have a full life and sitting back thinking about all it is very overwhelming and I am sure for most people a bit much… but for those of you following the Muller’s life of adventure you may know that a life of adventure  is so fulfilling. Enjoy a few writings of our adventures still in 2016 as I am playing “catch up” before the big travels of 2017 start.

Thailand “always my favourite”

When in doubt where to travel to, just go to Thailand.

This is what I have decided early in 2016, when I suddenly received an amount of money from a long forgotten photoshoot.

What a pleasant surprise when my agent called me and said we are going to pay your money into your account … A few things run through your head when something like this happens:

  1. Pay debt or
  2. Save it

Then the tantalising thoughts ran through my head:

  1. I never knew this money is coming in so…
  2. It’s a present - use it
  3. Life is too short
  4. Travel
  5. Travel
  6. And yes let’s travel and seize the moment

No – don’t fix the pipe at home, or the leaking roof, or the bumper of your car, and this list of what one should do will always be endless.

It took me a few hours to make up my mind (ok let’s be honest it took me a few seconds) and I started to search the Internet for flight tickets:

I did not share this “little” trip with my husband; I only asked if I could take us away for 10 days. He must have thought I was joking at that time. Actually, I don’t think he gave it another thought.

I thought that this would be part of our 40th and 50th Birthdays, which were also in July.

Firstly I had to sort out the dates so that we could escape between our events. Then I had to figure out the cheapest options to get there. We have been to Thailand several times before, so I wanted to combine the travel to Thailand with at least 2 other destinations which would be new to us.

Khaolak and Phi Phi were my selection, as all travellers know the best part of a trip is in the Planning. Hours spent on the internet, hunting for specials and reading reviews. This part of the job I love!

Before I knew it we were on our way back from Expedition Africa and as we were driving back. I thought that NOW is a good time to share this little bit of information with him! At first he did not believe me, but of course this was the best thing that I could have done for us, especially after this draining event!!

We needed a getaway Holiday and that is what it was. The kids were so excited as they would be flying overseas!! They could watch movies through the night and sleep when tired. They were the perfect age to manage the long flights as we went via Dubai. We landed late in Phuket and got a transfer to the Centara Seaview Resort Khaolak.

It took me a few minutes to negotiate a private car as it was another hour’s travel and it was already past 8pm. I was so busy before we left that I could not manage to book a transfer before departure but in Thailand everything is easy to get as long as you can negotiate and take your time.

As we arrived at this magnificent Hotel, I knew that this was the best thing I could have done with my money. At the end #itsallaboutthememories

We arrived at our hotel at 10:00pm and they kept the beach front restaurant open for us to have a meal. Sitting on the beach with my feet in the sand, a slight breeze running through my hair and my children running around overjoyed, it felt surreal.  My heart was filled with words of love and contentment. I love travelling. I love diversity. I love Thailand.

Our time clock was out and we woke up at 11am the next morning, missing breakfast. When I called reception to find out about, they said don’t worry they would keep breakfast open for us as long as we are there in the next 5 min. Again sitting on the beachfront, seeing in day-time the beauty of this magnificent hotel and the setting of this spot, filled us with amazement. Another fantastic thing of Thailand is that the water is warm. Luke warm for people like myself. It’s the only place I can actually stay in the pool and sea for hours as I don’t feel like freezing after 5 min. We spent the whole day either in the pool or on the beach, playing or sleeping, as we only then realized how tired we were.

I think we slept for the first 2 days as we were trying to re-charge our batteries after our Expedition Africa event. Another great thing of Thailand is that you can get a wonderful oil massage around every corner. You can drink a fresh squeezed fruit juice with ice at every corner. My children love fresh fruit, especially watermelon and mango - this was the best daily treat for all of us.

We included an Elephant trek and the bamboo rafting down the river. We walked the streets, ate the local food and tried everything new to us.  The weather was good, it was out of season and quiet, so we loved it. It felt like the place belonged to us.  This side of Phuket is absolutely lovely and I will definitely go back to explore more of the northern parts of KhoaLak. We could not fit in more and sadly had to move on to our next destination.

We took a transfer back to Phuket and enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Patong beach. We loved the shopping, street markets and energy of the streets. Poor Stephan had to carry Isabella most of the times as we decided to leave the pram at home and she could not manage all the walking. We left our bags at our Patong Hotel and only packed an overnight bag to travel to Phi Phi. Just the ferry trip to Phi Phi was an adventure with lots of tourists and excited kids running around. Arriving at the port on Phi Phi was chaos, everyone was just scrambling to get off the ferries with big suitcases and no one knew where to go.  But in Thailand you never need to worry. You just stand for a bit and soon someone will come with a signboard and take you to your hotel.  I booked 1 night at the PP Princess Resort which is 50 m from Lo Da Lam Beach and in the centre of town.  It was wonderful trip and kids could explore everywhere. We loved the food, the night life, the warm water, ice juices, Singa beer, shopping, humidity and the carefree feeling!! We climbed to the view point, hiked over the mountain down a magnificent single track down to one of the secluded beaches. It was island style as you cannot ask for anything better than that. By then Isabella was sleeping on Stephan’s back, we put her down under the trees while we ate another wonderful Thai meal and mommy had time for a little tanning.. need I say more!

We decided to stay for 1 more night and explore another part of the Island. We booked at the Phi Phi Natural Resort, Long Beach.  It was magnificent and you can see by our photo’s that it was another day of bliss on a white sandy beach.
10 days was good just to get our minds ready for work and to revive our energy!

Will do this again and again and again… If only a surprise cheque will jump out of the closet every year!!


Travel light as you don’t need much in Thailand and can buy anything easily. If you want to visit Islands, go on smaller boats but travel with a soft bag/backpack and not a big hard suitcase. You can’t pull little wheels over sand. Travelling with children is very easy and highly recommended. Just do it.


The only things I could not manage to fit into this trip was a Thai Cooking class and Thai Boxing session. Reasons for going back!!!

Biggest Dream:

To organise an International Adventure Race in Thailand…imagine that!!
#itsallaboutlove #travelleratheart #fortheloveoftravelling #adventure

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