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For the Love and development of Adventure Racing. Expedition Africa established in 2006 and has organised over 150 adventure races in Africa and Internationally. This blog is about our story over the years and our personal views.

The road to Lesotho 2020

We could not fit all emergency gear, water and food into our backpacks so we had to leave our soft comfy blow up matrasses behind. Our camp-out was magical and with only 1 meal and no comforts it was under the million stars all alone. We were woken up around midnight with lightning and thunderstorm as you can only get in Africa and I said to Stephan maybe we must move to higher ground. That was the end of our soft sand sleep and we took shelter on the rocks... Early morning we got woken up by the sound of the Fish Eagle and even though I was crawling out of the tent like a raced for 5 days I knew what a privilege this is. As we climb the mountain higher and higher out of the canyon I stopped not only to get my breath, but to look back at this wonderful creation. We saw small kids running and asking what we are doing. We saw horsemen and donkeys. We drank water from the mountain streams and we got welcomed into their houses. The one horseman even took us all the way to the stream so that we can get water. No words was needed just hand language. But it was his smile that makes my heart melt. The one young man in the pictures even ran to get changed into his one and only Sunday outfit and we had to take lots of photos with him. He had data and we first had to send him the pictures before we could go. We followed a young girl for 15km over the mountains as she was showing us the short-cut to a taxi. We then got into several taxis and was called the Tourists. There was no space and before we knew they all got out of the taxi and made space for us. At one stage we were 18 in the taxi but I will never change anything for that experience! I think they could see this Tourists are very tired and had a very long way back to our car. We even stopped at a hut and bought a warm beer. He had no opener and we took our Black Diamond gidgitz opener off our keys and gave it to the man. That excitement and pure joy will be with me forever. He then did a dance of happiness and we were treated like a King and Queen. Lesotho, Kingdom in the Sky - you make me so happy. Happy and smiling today that we selected you for our 10th Celebration. As we continue scouting our event I will share our stories with you! I am thankful that I can experience and live a life like this.


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