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For the Love and development of Adventure Racing. Expedition Africa established in 2006 and has organised over 150 adventure races in Africa and Internationally. This blog is about our story over the years and our personal views.

Expedition Africa: Rodrigues | What. A. Start

A sea of tropical colours exploded along the Mourouk beach this afternoon, when 60 teams scurried towards their pre-allocated boats, for the official start of Expedition Africa 2019, a local highlight for the islanders of Rodrigues, as the start incorporated a traditional regatta.

Sails opened at a rapid speed, sending boats out of the shallows and onto the triangulated course. The first half of the regatta proved successful as all 60 teams reached the furthest part of the course, without carnage... until the boats changed course, sails swung, and slowly the sea engulfed a couple of boats. Team Sweaty Bettys were the first team to arrive at TA 1, unfortunately though to notify the marshals of their broken mast and rudder. The team were allocated a new boat, and quickly sailed towards the snorkel drop off, just before the leading team reached ashore.

Team Greener Adventure  completed their +/- 700m swim towards TA 1, hastily moving through the motions of handing in their snorkel leg passport, collecting their Spot satellite tracking device and receiving their individual CP bands. Each member of a team is required to punch their CP race band throughout the course, to prove that all member have collected the checkpoints located on this tiny island.

Gale force winds mixed with a strong cross-current created testing  conditions for the swim, after collecting the three submerged check points within the lagoon. After a tiring swim for many, if not all, teams chased the remaining day light, while trying to catch their breath. According Tatum Prins of Team Merrell; it was one of the toughest swims she had ever encountered, "I almost drowned" she continued whilst gearing up for the Zipline during the 3rd leg of this 29 legged course.

 Time and tide wait for no man. The tides will be pushing in, and could potentially result in paddling challenges if teams leave for the micro islands (TA 3) too early. A strategic choice of apparatus; circular hand discs, which proved to be advantageous for team Greener Adventures during their swim this afternoon, will aid in the team maintaining their lead at Expedition Africa: Rodrigues.

It is anyone's guess how the night will unfold, as already so much has taken place since this afternoons exhilarating start. Follow the excitement and challenges as this race rapidly unfolds over the next few days, via the live tracking website;




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