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Kinetic Events Youtube Channel
  • Expedition Africa 2019 Rodrigues Highlight Video

    The little Island that could...
    Today a week ago, the ambitious idea to host a legitimate Adventure race on an island no longer than 18KM kicked off outside the Marouk Ebony Hotel in Rodrigues. 60 teams of 4 were paired with a local sailor, he himself hoping for victory in the Island regatta which would make up the first leg..
    What followed over the next 6 days can only be described as inspirational, not only because of what was achieved by the Athletes themselves, but also by the amazing crew behind the scenes making it all possible!

    From Tears to Triumph and back again, we have seen it all over the last week. Congratulations to each and every one of you that believed in our dream and travelled this journey we so lovingly created.

    Do you love Rodrigues!!!! Yes we love Rodrigues!!

    Next stop Lesotho, Entries open on the 1st October.
  • ExpAfrica.Live | ThisAbility, Last Team Over the Line

    ExpAfrica.Live | ThisAbility, Last Team Over the Line

    We welcome #TeamThisAbility, the last team to cross the line at Expedition Africa Rodrigues. The team talk about their 129hour of racing and witnessing a tortoise birth in a cave.
  • ExpAfrica.Live | Race Day 2, The Ocean Takes Control

    This evening we talk 'Water Wars'. Teams soon came to realize how damaging the tide would be to their race plan if they missed it by as little as an hour.

    We feature a multitude of teams who have all had some ups and downs.

    On the show tonight:
    #TeamTruffleHunters, #TeamSpotAfrica, #TeamAddicted2Adventure, #TeamSpiritCanada, #TeamMerrellMissiles, #TeamSweatyBettys, #TeamSynthesisintotheunknown, #TeamDarDingle, #TeamBlizzard, #TeamMerrellAdventureAddicts, #TeamKeyhealthNevarest and #TeamSplashFlashandDash

    In addition to the above, we chat to the media teams of #TeamBucketOfHopeabout the race for Cancer and #TeamNamaqua about how much wine they brought to Rodrigues.

    Follow the race on ExpAfrica.Live
    Produced By AdventureLife SA

    #itsallaboutrodrigues #ExpAfricaRodrigues #expafrica #VisitRodrigues #AirMauritius #SPOTAdventure #arworldseries #itsallaboutlove
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  • ExpAfrica.Live | Leader Shake Up / Tortoises & Caves

    ExpAfrica.Live | Leader Shake-Up / Tortoises & Caves

    This evening on ExpAfrica.Live, we chat to the Island Cheif Executive, Davis Hee Hong Wye.

    Craig Giese and Annabelle Latz visit the François Leguat Reserve Rodrigues and explore some caves.

    We discuss the leader's shake-up as we expect them tomorrow morning.

    Production By AdventureLife SA

    #itsallaboutrodrigues #ExpAfricaRodrigues #expafrica #VisitRodrigues #AirMauritius #SPOTAdventure #arworldseries #itsallaboutlove
  • ExpAfrica.Live | Race Winners, Greener Adventure Cykelkraft

    ExpAfrica.Live | Race Winners, Greener Adventure Cykelkraft

    Terence ActionMan Vrugtman talks to Jonas Andersson and his team about their win at #ExpAfricaRodrigues. After 70hrs+ of racing on 1.5 hours sleep, the team recall their final 12 hours sprinting against ##teamblizzard.

    Production: AdventureLife SA

    #itsallaboutrodrigues #ExpAfricaRodrigues #expafrica #VisitRodrigues #AirMauritius #SPOTAdventure #arworldseries #itsallaboutlove
  • ExpAfrica.Live | THE RACE IS ON!

    ExpAfrica.Live (delayed upload) is a dedicated high-lights show to help you catch up on all the days action.

    Terence ActionMan Vrugtman and his band of 'Dot-Hunters', Craig Giese and Annabelle Latz, bring you some interesting bits of content and stories from the trail.

    Normally Live (when our signal is good enough) from Cocotiers Hotel - Rodrigues Join us for a fun and vibey show with all the juicy gossip any true dit watcher would like to know.

    Production by AdventureLife SA.

    #itsallaboutrodrigues #ExpAfricaRodrigues #expafrica #VisitRodrigues #AirMauritius #SPOTAdventure #arworldseries #itsallaboutlove
  • ExpAfrica.Live - Social Media and Elevated Adventure Films

    On the first episode of ExpAfrica.Live we chat about following the race on social media, Elevated Adventure Films growth and to our number 1 fans - Chip Dodd and Andrea Anderson.

    It's a fun first show, sit back and enjoy!

    With Terence ActionMan Vrugtman

    Kinetic Events Africa | AdventureLife SA

    #itsallaboutrodrigues #ExpAfricaRodrigues #expafrica #VisitRodrigues #AirMauritius #SPOTAdventure #arworldseries #itsallaboutlove
  • ExpAfrica.Live | Opening Ceremony with Heidi Muller

    Opening Ceremonyof expedition Africa Rodrigues 2019, Live from Rodrigues Island with Heidi and Stephan Muller.

    Production by AdventureLife Media Services
  • Expedition Africa 2020 Lesotho promo video

    dition X...

    Expedition Africa 2020 Lesotho marks the 10th Adventure Racing world Series event held on the African continent. The Kingdom in the sky has been chosen for its boundless beauty, challenging terrain and warm people. Entries open on the 1st October 2019, get yours in before they are all snapped up (lets not forget that Rodrigues sold out in 48 hours).

    Thank you to the wonderful people of Lesotho and the amazing host resort, Afriski for being such amazing hosts and partners in this crazy adventure.

    Stay tuned, more to come.....
  • Expedition Africa 120km Eswatini

    The season opener, EA120KM Eswatini.....
    Teams traveled from across South Africa to take on the majestic mountains of Eswatini. A challenging route meant that athletes spent more time out on course, but all crossed the finishing line with a smile on their faces and a that overwhelming sense of accomplishment that keeps them coming back for more.

    Please tag and share, because we like to share the love 💗

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next one..