Night trail run

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The event will take place as scheduled. Adverse weather conditions (rain, hail, lightning etc.) will not affect event and the organisers do not take any responsibility if conditions affect participants in any way. Entrants with safety concerns can select not to participate. There are no cancellation refunds.



Race Categories and Distance


  • Male and female categories.

  • Free entry for all children 14 and under. Do not enter online. All children 14 and under to fill in a late entry form on the night so that their details can be entered on the system to generate timing results. 



  • Male and female categories.

  • Free entry for all children 14 and under. Do not enter online. All children 14 and under to fill in a late entry form on the night so that their details can be entered on the system to generate timing results. 


  • 8 km trail running course. (Approximate distance)  

  • 4 km trail running course. (Approximate distance)  

  • Due to the nature of trail running there are no km marker boards.

  • Walkers welcome.


Race Location, Dates and Times


  • The Country Club Johannesburg, Woodmead.

  • Website and Directions:

  • Registration and Start at the pool clubhouse.

  • Restaurant, bar and bathrooms at venue.

  • Leave work, have a run, have supper. 



  • Wednesday 1 December 2021

  • Due to the increasing amount of Covid cases we will not have a mass start anymore to avoid unnecessary gatherings.

  • Registration from 18h00. Starts from 19h20 onwards to 20h00.

  • Pre-entries - please pick up your timing bar code from table indicating category and distance. Supply name and surname.

  • Late-entries - please fill in a late entry form, proceed to entry table. On completion of entry, collect barcode and proceed to start area.

  • Race start from 19h20. Scan barcode at start of run and at end of run.

  • NO Prize giving. Results will be mailed to all competitors on Thursday.


Entry Fee and Banking Details


  • Pre-entries. R80 per competitor. Pre-entries and payment closes Monday midnight before event.

  • No cash bank deposits.

  • If you wish to make a bulk entry. Enter all entrants online and make one transfer. Please send us a list of all the entrants that is included in the payment.

  • Late entry on the day. R 100 per competitor.

  • Free entry for (late entries - on the day only) all children 14 and under. (not applicable for online pre-entries

  • No refunds of entry fees or transfers to future events.


  • Send proof of payment to

  • Ensure you receive an confirmation from us.

  • Use surname and name as reference when doing transfer.


  • First National Bank.

  • Expedition Africa

  • Rivonia branch. 

  • Branch code: 250355

  • Account number: 628 004 891 73



It is compulsory that competitors must each be equipped with a headlamp or torch. The stronger the light the better.

It is recommended that competitors should each be equipped with the following minimum equipment:

  • Trail shoes or similar shoes.

  • A hydration system (water bottles or bladder). No water stations on course.

  • Comfortable running clothes suitable to weather conditions.

Event Rules & Regulations


General Rules

  • Stay of the Greens and any sensitive areas.
  • No dogs allowed
  • The first competitor to complete the event, having complied with all rules and regulations, will be considered the winner.
  • Competitors are to complete the entire event without any assistance.
  • Competitors are required to follow the course as designed by the Organiser.


  • No support members will be required. Supporters are welcome to support their competitors progress at designated viewpoints. These areas will be indicated at race briefing.
  • No physical support is allowed. Any form of physical support will lead to the competitor’s disqualification.
  • Supporters may provide moral support.
  • Supporters are to have read these Standard Rules and Regulations as well as the Event Specific Rules.

Medical Assistance

  • Medical crews will be available for medical treatment and consultation.
  • Medical treatment is limited to basic first aid and advice. Should a competitor require advanced life support, active fluid replacement therapy (IV), the administration of any oral or intravenous drug, then that competitor, subject to the Race Director’s final decision, will be prevented from continuing with the event.
  • The medical crew has the authority, on confirmation of the Race Director, to withdraw a competitor from an event should the competitor’s further participation in the event possibly result in permanent injury, disability or death to the competitor.
  • Competitors are obliged to carry the personal medications on them. The medical crew will not be on hand to supply personal medication should the competitors concerned have failed to supply their own.
  • The medical crew will provide immediate emergency treatment and stabilisation. Should a competitor require transport by road or air ambulance, the cost of any transport out of the race environment will be carried by the patient.
  • Competitors are strongly advised to take appropriate insurance against the costs of emergency evacuations and repatriation.

Results & Complaints & Appeals

  • Competitors crossing the finish will be given a “line finish position”. This is pending the outcome of illegal substance test results, complaints and/or any further information coming to the organisers’ knowledge.
  • All complaints and/or queries are to be directed to the organisers and/or their Management Team.
  • In the event of there being discrepancies in finishing positions resulting from such reports and/or complaints, the Prize Giving will only take place after a verdict has been reached by the Race Director.
  • Any objections to positions announced at prize giving must be given immediately, once prizes has been handed over the results will be final.
  •  Abusive language will not be tolerated. Persons wishing to express outrage will do so in a controlled manner.
  • Winners must be present at Prize Giving to qualify for prizes.
  • Any competitor wishing to appeal or complain any aspect of the event can do so. Complaints are to be received by the Race Director within 30 minutes of the competitor crossing the finish line. Complaints may only be made with firsthand knowledge. No second-hand reports will be accepted or considered. Appeals regarding decisions are to be received by the Race Director within 30 minutes of the decision.
  • The Event Organiser, as advised by senior marshals, will consider appeals./li>

Disqualification/Time Penalties

  • Any competitor who has not completed the entire course will be disqualified.
  •  Any individual, male or female, will be barred from all events for life if found to have used physical violence during the course of the event.
  • Any abuse of or disregard for instructions given by race marshals by any competitor will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Any competitor found to have transgressed the rules and regulations of the event and/or acting contrary to the spirit of the event will be liable for disqualification.
  • The Race Director may impose a disqualification or penalty taking into consideration the spirit of the event. A statement will be requested from the applicable competitor should he/she wish to explain or justify his/her actions.

Spirit of the Event

  • Not cheating with regard to the rules and regulations of this event and the sport.
  • Where one competitor finds another in need of medical attention – they must stop to assist.
  • Abiding by the rules and regulations of this event and sport.
  • Being eco-friendly, polite and prepared to assist a fellow man in need.
  • Not misleading organisers and/or marshals with inaccurate/incomplete information.
  • Not removing direction boards or signage of any sort.

Prizes / Awards


  • Gidgets keyring/bottle openers to all finishers.
  • All objections must be made before or during prize giving. After prizes have been handed out, the results are final.